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Chinese Songs And Music


1 Cassette and 1 Song Book


1 CD and 1 Song Book


Song book is printed in English, Pinyin and Simplified Chinese

Song audio is in Mandarin Chinese

China's Best Folk Songs

中國優秀民歌集萃  民歌畫廊

This great book/CD set or book/Cassette set features 25 of China's most beloved folk songs. You'll hear love songs, work songs, songs of hardship, ballads, and more. The book includes all the musical notations, Pinyin Romanization, Chinese characters, and English translations for each song.

Songs list:

1. Shepherd Song 牧歌

2. Little Cowherd 小放牛

3. Jasmine Flower 茉莉花

4. Embroidered Purse 秀荷包

5. Please Send Me a Rose 送我一枝玫瑰花

6. Lift Your Veil 掀起你的蓋頭來

7. Little Streamlet 小河淌水

8. Love Song of Malan 馬蘭戀歌

9. Swallow 燕子

10. Crescent Moon Climbs Up 半個月亮爬上來

11. Lovely Rose 可愛的一朵玫瑰花

12. Under The Silver Moon Light 在那銀色的月光下

13. Lullaby 搖籃曲

14. Meng Jiang Nu 孟姜女

15. Little Cabbage 小白菜

16. Lan Hua Hua 藍花花

17. Ga Da Mei Lin 嗝達梅林

18. I wait for you Till Daybreak 我等你到天明

19. We Are Happy Under The Sun 太陽出來喜洋洋

20. Love Song of Kang Ding 康定情歌

21. In a Faraway Place 在那遙遠的地放

22. Ala Muhan 阿拉木汗

23. Girl of Daban City 大板城的姑娘

24. Girl of Ali Mountain 阿里山的姑娘

25. Youth Dance Song 康定情歌

Price: $29.95 for Book & CD Set

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