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Chinese Opera (Beijing Opera)


Front Cover

Chinese Opera

19 VCD Set

VCDs can/should be played on DVD players.  VCDs are very similar to DVDs, except that they do not have regional coding and can be played on any DVD players.


Story 1


Story 2

Story 3


Story 7



Golden Award - Peijing Opera - Set II

金獎京戲 - 下集

The greatest performance of Chinese Beijing Operas in recent history!  Traditional Chinese operas at its highest level!  This set contains 19 VCDs of excellent classic Chinese Beijing operas. 

Relive the traditional Chinese arts of performing with customs and make-up on the stage.  Seven famous stories are recorded in this set.


有史以來規模最浩大 金獎京劇團隊來台演出

中國傳統藝術  有史以來舞台最壯麗  連台好戲為您演出  精彩絕倫

原演出地點 國家戲劇院  百年老字號  北京京劇  為傳統藝術不斷推出藝術精品


  • 全本伍子胥
  • 將相和
  • 黑旋風
  • 遇皇后  打龍袍
  • 周仁獻嫂
  • 秦香蓮
  • 清唱人薈萃


Back Cover

Story 4

Story 5


Story 6


Great Chinese Beijing Opera!

VCD:  List Price: US $200.95

Price: $69.95

Language: Mandarin

Subtitle: Traditional Chinese

Regions Free





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