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Children's Chinese/English Bilingual Products



Children's Classic Stories

  • Three Character Primer

  • Hundred Family Names

  • Disciples' Rules

中華兒童背誦經典   ﹕ 三字經, 百家姓, 弟子規

中文簡體  全註漢語拼音 英文

Illustrated in colorful pages, Chinese characters, Pinyin, and English, these bilingual books introduce Chinese philosophy, traditions, culture and more, to young children.

"San Zi Jing" (Three Character Classics) is a distillation of the essentials of Confucian thought expressed in a way suitable for teaching young children. It is written in couplets of three characters (syllables) for easy memorization. One might call it a Confucian catechism.

"Bai Jia Xing"  (Hundred Surnames), is an excellent piece of reading material with profound influence. It has a history of a thousand years and has been widely circulated in China since the start of the Northern Song Dynasty in the10th century.

"Di Zi Gui" (Displine's Rules) are the standards for being a good student and child.

Paperback, Simplified Chinese character, Pinyin and English, 90 Pages, 8.25'' x 8.6''


Price: $8.95 each

Three Character Primer

Hundred Family Names

Disciples' Rules



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