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Children's Chinese/English Bilingual Products


Age: 4 - 10

Print: English with Pinyin and Simplified Chinese; or

Print: English and  Traditional Chinese

9 3/4" X 11 7/8"

colorful 36 pages

paperback book

Mei Ling's Hiccups


By David Mills

Illustrated by Derek Brazell   

The class party is over when "Hic!" Mei Ling has hiccups and they won't go away.  What can she do? "Spin Around," her friends say.  "Look upside down!" "Drink from the other side of the cup."  But Mei Lin's hiccups keep coming back, until she has an idea.  Will it solve the problem?.....

Price: $12.99

Simplified Chinese/English/Pinyin

Qty. Traditional Chinese/English



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