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Children's Chinese/English Bilingual Products


Age: 5 - 18

Print: English & Traditional Chinese

published and arranged with Kingfisher publications plc

by Ian Graham

Large Hard Cover Book

9 1/4" X 11"

64 colorful pages

My Best Book of Spaceships (bilingual book)


This is truly the best bilingual book of spaceships! Beautifully illustrated with pictures and drawings, this bilingual book leads children into the domain of the wonderful world of spaceships. Two languages printed : English and Traditional Chinese. It is also an effective tool for children to learn or to sharpen the skills of a second language.

Table of contents include:

  • Looking into space
  • What's in space?
  • Rocket power
  • Going to the Moon
  • Shuttle power
  • Spacesuits
  • Working in space
  • Eyes in space
  • The Hubble Telescope
  • Space probes
  • Space stations
  • Glossary
  • Index

Price: $18.95




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