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Chinese Culture Products For English Speaking People

Age: 6 - 14

Print in English

5 3/16" X 8 1/4"

80 pages

Chinese Fairy Tales

Author: Frederick H. Martens

Both adults and children will enjoy this captivating collection of authentic Chinese fairy tales, featuring talking animals, princesses in peril, clever cowherds, and other engaging characters. Based on legends, ghost stories, and myths, the stories include "The Flower-Elves," "The Dragon-Princess," "The Bird with Nine Heads," and many others. 25 black-and-white illustrations.

Table of Contents for Chinese Fairy Tales

Women's Words Part Flesh and Blood
The Three Rhymsters
The Bird with Nine Heads
The Cave of the Beasts
The Panther
The Great Flood
Why Dog and Cat Are Enemies
The Herd Boy and the Weaving Maiden
The Lady of the Moon
The Miserly Farmer
Old Dschang
The Flower-Elves
The Dragon-Princess
The Disowned Princess
The Maiden Who Was Stolen Away
The Frog Princess


Price: $2.50




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