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Chinese Children's English Story Products

Age: 4 - 12

Print in English

Paperback Book

7 7/8" X 10"

32 colorful pages

Yeh-Shen (English book)

- retold by Ai-Ling Louie

- illustrated by Ed Young

A Cinderella Story From China

"Here may well be the original of the story we know as 'Cinderella' " - School Library Journal

Half-starved and overworked by her stepmother, Yeh-Shen's only friend is a fish with golden eyes. When the stepmother kills the fish for dinner, poor Yeh-Shen is left with only the bones. But the bones are filled with a powerful spirit. When Yeh-Shen is forbidden to attend the annual spring Festival, the spirit grants her a gown of azure blue and delicate golden slippers. That night, everyone marvels at the beautiful, mysterious young woman at the ball.

Told with beauty and grace, this Cinderella story from ancient China is brought vividly to life with Ed Young's soft, glowing illustrations.

"Misty, jewel-like illustrations evoke the mythic past in this Chinese Cinderella story!" - Publishers Weekly

Price: $6.95




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