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Chinese Children's Science & Nature Books



  Age: 6 - 15

6 books

Book Print: Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin

8 3/4" X 11"

6 colorful 29-page hardcover books



First Encyclopedia, Animal Life

小牛津兒童基礎百科 - 動物生態系列

1. Predator Animals

2. Insects & Crawlers

3. Birds

4. Marin Animals

5. General Animals & Domestic Animals

6. Grass Eaters

Book Print: Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin

These books take us through this world's animal life.  Real and new photos and pictures are used for illustrations.  Excellent reading materials for children to understand our animal world.  It is a must have for any school, library and family.

It is amazing how much people can learn if the right materials are used.

小牛津兒童基礎百科 - 動物生態系列

1. 掠食性動物

2. 昆蟲與爬蟲類

3. 可愛的鳥類
4. 水中的動物
5. 動物生態與家畜
6. 草食性動物






Sample Inside Page


$39.95 for first three books

$39.95 for second three books

Qty. first three books

Qty. last three books





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