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Chinese Children's Science & Nature Books

One Colorful Hardcover Book

160 pages

8 3/4" X 11 1/4"

Published by Kingfisher

Traditional Chinese

with Zhuyin

Age: 5 and up


(Sample Inside Page)

First Encyclopedia in Chinese


A fantastic book! The best book for children to learn about the world.

This book contains everything children are curious about the world, planets, air, continent, art, volcano, religion, science, weather, animals, birds, forest, fish, airplane, health, history, insect, maps, currency, moon, mountains, music, flowers, human, babies, color, clothes, dance, play, architecture, computer, environmental, desert, castles, books, cars, food, energy, stones, metal, education, invention, magnetic, measurements, mechanics, light, human body, seashore, sound, ship, seasons, air space, soil, time, sun, exercise, train, truck, universe, water, x-ray, words, year and so on.

Gives children abundant knowledge about the world they live in. Very well illustrated and is a very valuable book!

 內   容  目 錄
◎非洲 ◎空氣 ◎兩棲類 ◎動物 ◎南極洲和北極
◎藝術和藝術家 ◎亞洲 ◎澳洲和太平洋群島 ◎嬰兒 ◎兩輪車
◎鳥類 ◎書籍 ◎建築 ◎偽裝 ◎汽車
◎城堡 ◎洞窟 ◎衣服 ◎顏色 ◎電腦
◎環境保護 ◎舞蹈 ◎沙漠 ◎恐龍 ◎戲劇
◎地球 ◎電 ◎能量 ◎歐洲 ◎耕種
◎魚類 ◎捕魚 ◎花 ◎飛行工具 ◎食物
◎森林 ◎化石 ◎草原 ◎健康 ◎歷史
◎人體 ◎昆蟲 ◎發明 ◎工作 ◎國王
◎光線 ◎機械 ◎磁鐵 ◎哺乳動物 ◎地圖
◎測量 ◎金屬 ◎貨幣 ◎月球 ◎高山
◎音樂 ◎北美洲 ◎洋和海 ◎行星 ◎植物
◎史前時代 ◎女王 ◎宗教 ◎爬蟲類 ◎道路
◎科學 ◎海岸 ◎季節 ◎輪和船 ◎土壤
◎聲音 ◎南美洲 ◎太空探險 ◎蜘蛛 ◎運動
◎故事 ◎太陽 ◎時間 ◎火車 ◎樹木
◎卡車 ◎宇宙 ◎火山 ◎水 ◎天氣
◎世界 ◎書寫 ◎X光 ◎年 ◎動物園

Price: $29.95




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