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Chinese Children's Science & Nature Books

12 audio tapes & one book

Mandarin Chinese

Age: 4 and up


Little Ding Don's 100 Thousands Why?

A complete package of children's science. 12 audio tapes full of interesting questions and answers.

Best way to introduce your children to the world of common sense, knowledge and science. The explanation is humorous and simple. It is very tuned to how kids can understand complicated issues with simple explanation.

An eye-opener even for many adults. A very good addition to your kids education in understanding their daily life, nature, social issues and some medical knowledge. A jump start for children's curiosity and understanding.

. 大雄中暑了等10則 2. 礦泉水哪裡來等10則 3. 未來捷運城市等9則
4. 統一發票中獎等7則 5. 拒抽二手煙等10則 6. 民俗園遊會等10則
7. 乾淨的地球等13則 8. 太空梭和火箭等9則 9. 大雄想當縣長等12則
10. 金光黨的教訓11則 11. 失業的風波等9則 12. 大雄的領土等9則

Price: $39.95




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