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Bilingual Children's Science & Nature Products






Age: 4 - 10

Print: English & Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin


8 3/4" X 9 3/8"

29 colorful pages each book


Lifecycle (bilingual books)


- From Egg to Chicken

- From Caterpillar to Butterfly

- From Tadpole to Frog

- From Seeds to Sunflower

Introduce the miracle migration in the path of animal's growth and the changes of their bodies in the easiest way for children to understand. Vivid and colorful pictures illustrate the unique environment and their living habits.  Provides many interesting discussing topics for all of us to explore.

Super large pictures make learning detail and nature.  Children are taken into the myth of the Nature Wonders and enjoys every bit of it.  Bilingual print make these series of books such a treasure for Chinese/English bilingual children.


- ☆ 雞 ☆

- ★ 毛蟲 ★

-  ☆ 青蛙 ☆

- ★ 向日葵 ★






(Sample Inside Page)


$21.95 for first two books

$21.95 for second two books

$39.95 for all four books

Qty. first two books: Eggs, Caterpillar

Qty. second two books: Tadpoles, Seed

Qty. all four books




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