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Children's Chinese/English Bilingual Products


Print: Simplified Chinese & English

12 books & CD


Print: Traditional Chinese & English

12 books & CD

Age: 3 - 8


I Love Chinese


I Love Chinese + Audio CD (More My First Chinese Words!)

An additional 12 books to add to your My First Chinese Words collection! These 12 introductory books are a perfect starter set for young learners. All-new topics cover subjects such as basic greetings/phrases, shapes, places, tastes, seasons, animals, insects, sports and more in the same familiar My First Chinese Words format.

1. Greeting
2. What Shape Is This?
3. What Do You Want To Be?
4. Where Are You Going?
5. Four Seasons
6. It's So Delicious!
7. Animals
8. The Insect Flew Away
9. What's In The Ocean?
10. Let's Play Ball Together
11. I Like Making Friends
12. I Am Great!


Price: $15.95 per set

Simplified Chinese

Traditional Chinese



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