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Chinese Children's Story Products

12 audio tapes

& one book

50~60 minutes each tape

Audio: Mandarin

Print: Traditional Chinese

Monkey King B

This is the PART 2 of the all time famous Chinese Monkey King story, part one. Starts from the birth of an intelligent monkey who wants just to be the king of all monkeys. But, life turns out to be more complicated than he originally thought. His naughty behavior brings about the attention of many gods who want to train him and discipline him to be something more useful.....

So he began a tuff journey with his given master to the far far west, to look for the so called "Scripture of the Budda." Many dangerous encounters will have your children hold their breath and want to know the whole story right away. Comes with a colorful book outlining the details of the story.

1. 通天河遇水怪 2. 降服青牛精 3. 女兒國驚魂記
4. 真假孫悟空 5. 向鐵扇公主借扇 6. 朱紫國降妖
7. 痛打蜘蛛精 8. 比丘國捉妖除害 9. 大破老鼠窩
10. 收伏犀牛精 11. 師徒得道成佛 12. 西遊記啟示錄

Price: $39.95




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