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Chinese Children's Story Products

12 audio tapes

& one 18-page book

50~60 minutes each tape

Audio: Mandarin

Print: Traditional Chinese

World's Children Story


One famous story on each audio tape. Twelve (12) stories total, as listed in the catalog picture to the left. It also comes with a colorful book which gives the background of each stories, about the author, the outline of the story and a lot of useful tips to parents.

These stories are very educational and inspirational. Your children are going to be very knowledgeable in the world of children story. A very good way to train your children to tell story or have public speaking capability.

Stories such as: Snow White, Pinocchio, Swan Lake, Little Red Hat, Wolf And 7 Little Lambs, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, King's New Cloth, .....

1. 白雪公主1則童話 2. 小木偶1則童話 3. 天鵝湖等2則童話
4. 小紅帽等3則童話 5. 狼與七隻小羊等2則 6. 睡美人等2則童話
7. 仙履奇緣1則童話 8. 青蛙王子等2則童話 9. 國王的新衣等2則童話
10. 傑克與仙豆等3則童話 11. 阿里巴巴則童話 12. 辛巴達歷險記等2則

Price: $39.95




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