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Bilingual VCD

Audio: Cantonese/English

Subtitle: none

43 minutes

VCDs can/should be played on DVD players.

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Adventure of Moby Dick


Herman Melville's immortal story about a Great White Whale gets an enchanting new twist in this adventure of the lovable young Moby Dick.
The story begins in 1841, when glorious ships sailed the Seven Seas. But below the ocean is another world where a bashful, orphaned whale named moby first meets his lifelong friend stella, the starstruck starfish and whinny, the fun - loving seahorse.
Together, they encourage moby to get over his fears by exploring the wonder of their underwater home including some of the wackiest sea creature ever to sing a song!



發行商: 嘉利--548917

VCD: List Price: US $17.95

Sale Price: US$10.95

Audio: Mandarin/English (choose which language to play while watching) Use your remote control's "Audio" button to choose which language to play.

Subtitle: Simplified Chinese

All Regions (Can be played on any DVD player in the world)

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