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Animation DVD


45  Minutes


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 Foghorn Leghorn's Fractured Funnes


There's an old show-business saying that it isn't smart to work with kids or dogs, because they steal every scene they're in.  Whoever coined that phrase never shared the screen with Foghorn Leghorn, or he would have included roosters in that warning!

Foghorn Leghorn is certainly that most bombastic figure ever to grace a barnyard.  Some people think he was a spin-off of famous Senator Claghorn character on Fred Allen's popular radio show (where he was played by Kenny Delmar), but in fact, cartoon director Rober McKimson, who guided Foghorn Leghorn's career, traced his origins to an earlier sheriff character on the radio show Bine Monday Jamboree.

DVD: List Price: US $19.95

Sale Price: US$15.95

Language: Mandarin / English

Subtitle: Traditional Chinese / Simplified Chinese

All Regions (Can be played on any DVD player in the world)




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