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Chinese Children's VCDs

2 VCDs

Audio: Mandarin

77 Minutes

Ages: 2 - 7


VCD can be played on any DVD players.

Girl Selling Matches - Chinese children's Stories - 2 VCDs


Great Chinese children's stories on 2 VCDs.  First VCD contains 9 stories and the second VCD contains 9 stories.

發行商 ﹕Zhe Jiang Culture Audio & Visual Co Ltd


01 賣火柴的小女孩
02 蒿苣
03 不講信義的財主
04 老駱駝和小駱駝
05 兩隻笨狗熊
06 誰的本領大
07 半夜雞叫
08 海鷗和鴿子
09 樵夫和他的斧頭
01 孫悟空大鬧水晶宮
02 小弟弟和小姐姐
03 自我陶醉的梅花鹿
04 葡萄樹和山羊
05 司馬光救小朋友
06 看父子相子
07 朱氏學技
08 三隻蝴蝶
09 滿腹牢騷的小貓

2 VCD:   List Price: US $20.95


Sale Price: US$14.95

Language: Mandarin

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Qty. 2 VCDs

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