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Paperback Book

190 pages

8 1/4" X 7 5/8"

by China Books & Periodicals

All The Tea in China (Book)

- by Kit Chow & Ione Kramer

Here is a book that all lovers of tea will treasure. This is the ideal introduction to the world of Chinese tea. Kit Chow and Ione Kramer explore the history of tea and tea culture in China and the West, examining the European tea trade and its impact on Asia, in addition to the growing influence of Asian tea and tea culture in the West.

A treasure-trove of information, including tea ceremonies, tea pots, and the health and aesthetic virtues of the world's most remarkable beverage.

Contains glossary, index, bibliography, and Chinese-English nomenclature of tea.

"...wonderfully detailed discussions leave no stone unturned in bringing to light all facets of tea as a plant, drink and institution." — Booklist

"182-page love letter to the ‘sweetest dew in heaven’" — San Francisco Review of Books

"Motivated by a personal inquiry about his health to research the world of tea, author Kit Chow says simply, ‘Tea saved my life.’ Chow and Kramer add news about tea chemistry, health issues, purchasing and storing. Useful glossary, index, bibliography and bilingual (essential) lists of teas."

— Whole Earth Review

Price: $14.95




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