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Chinese Culture Products For English Speaking Children

Age: all ages

Print in English

9" X 12 "

16 pages

Paperback book

Chinese Opera Costumes Paper Dolls

- by Ming-Ju Sun

Traditional Chinese Opera, from the Sung dynasty (960-1279) to the Peking opera of the present, though varying greatly from period to period and region to region, has always maintain certain basic elements of style and structure.  it is a highly stylized drama integrating rhythmic instrumental accompaniment with vocal recitative and song, and often including dance and acrobatics.  Subjects have usually been drawn from history, legend and literature.

For paper doll fans and devotees of Far Eastern art and culture—a splendid collection of 2 figures and 16 dazzling costumes designed for traditional characters in Chinese opera. Includes a colorful set of trousers and long robe for the Monkey King, a lavishly embroidered costume for a high-ranking government official, a simply cut robe with floral designs for a romantic young man, and an exquisitely embellished floor-length robe for a noble young lady. Accompanied by ornate headdresses and brief descriptive captions.

Price: $5.95




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