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Chinese Culture Products For English Speaking Children

Age: 8 - 12

Print: English and Traditional Chinese

8 3/4" X 8 7/8"

colorful 48 pages

Hardcover book

Red Eggs & Dragon Boats

By Carol Stepanchuk 1994   

Stories, customs, and recipes for holiday treats to celebrate favorite festivals of China. Come and join the fun!

Colorfully demonstrated many Chinese Holidays, such as:

  1. Chinese Lunar New Year

    New Year's Eve, The kitchen god, spring couplet, Zodiac, Lantern festival, Festive Sweet Turnovers

  2. Clear Brightness Festival

    100 Family Names, Flights of Fancy, Almond & Sesame Cookies

  3. Full-Month Red Eggs & Ginger Party

    26 Unlucky Gates, Tiger Clothes, Game of Destiny, God of Long Life, Happy Birthday Long Life Noodles, Zhong Kui

  4. Dragon Boat Festival

    The Race, The Hungry River Dragon, Five Poison Charm, Dragon Boat Dumplings

  5. Moon Festival

    Change E Flies to the Moon, The Disappearing Mooncake, Mooncakes, Five Colors

Price: $16.95




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