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Chinese Culture Products For English Speaking Children

Age: 5 - 10

Print in English

Paperback book

The Tale of The Sun And Moon Pool

- Chinese fairy tales

Legend has it that two vicious dragons swallowed the sun and moon, and the world became pitch black. A young couple called Dajian and Shuishe underwent great hardship to find the pool where the vicious dragons lived and killed them. Eventually they returned the sun and moon to the sky and everything in the world awoke from darkness. But the couple turned into two mountains guarding the pool. In memory of Dajian and Shuishe the two mountains were fondly called Mount Dajian and Mount Shuishe and the pool the Sun and Moon Pool.


Publisher Dolphin Books
Size 9 X 10
Pages 38
Language English
Cover Paperback
Author Xiao Ganzhong & Pan Pingyuan


Price: $6.95




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