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English CD-ROM For Children's Learning

For English Speaking Children


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Age: 5 and up

Language: English

CD-ROM in Jewel Case


Arthur's Math Games (CD-ROM)

by Creative Wonders

Arthur, D.W., and friends welcome your young learner to a carnival of math discovery! Six fun-filled adventures build essential early math skills including counting, logic, and geometry.

From making correct change at D.W.’s lemonade stand to sorting creepy critters at Francine’s Amazing Bug Show, every charming activity keeps kids engaged, stimulated, and eager to learn.

Product Features:

Turn playtime fun into math success! 
Build skills in counting, addition and subtraction, basic geometry, simple fractions, logic and memory, pattern recognition, problem solving, and simple multiplication and division. 
Enhance learning through creative expression with bonus art and music activities. 
5 progressive skill levels
Hours of Fun! 

Price: $12.95


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