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English CD-ROM For Children's learning

For English Speaking Children


Age: 12 and up

Language: English



Study Works! Middle School Deluxe Math

3-Year Skill Building Series Delivers Interactive Lessons and More!

Packaging: Box

Product Information:
Designed for students in grades 6-8, Middle School Deluxe Math delivers colorful, interactive lessons, animations, and activities that reinforce all the fundamentals needed before entering high school. This package delivers over 120 complete units, covering all the major topics in sixth, seventh, and eighth grade math - in great depth!  Each unit is comprehensive, interactive, and motivational so that middle school students can absorb key concepts - step-by-step - master each and move on. It covers what middle school students need for success on the math portion of almost every state's standardized exams, with correlations to 49 state curriculum standards.

Understand the Concept
Unlike math packages that simply test skills, StudyWorks builds understanding through detailed presentations of math concepts, hyperlinked text, powerful graphics and multimedia demonstrations. Dig as deep as you want.

Solve the Problem
Gives you interactive, guided examples that show you how to solve each problem step-by-step - with helpful hints that pop up when you need them. Drag-and-drop formulas, a math glossary, and other resources provide extra assistance.

Practice 'Til It's Perfect
Quiz yourself with hundreds of self-test exercises to reinforce concepts and skills. Uses multiple testing methods, including fill-in-the-blank

Product Features:

  • Colorful, Interactive Lessons
    • Numbers
    • Fractions
    • Decimals
    • Percents
    • Converting Numbers
    • Factoring
    • Representing Numbers
    • Rules of Exponents
    • Radical Numbers
    • Basic Equations
    • Other Types of Equations
    • Inequalities
    • Linear Equations
    • Graphing Basics
    • Lines and Angles
    • Area and Perimeter
    • Triangles and Polygons
    • Coordinate Geometry
  • Supports 49 State Standardized Tests
  • Superior Mix of Methods, Exercises and Tools
  • Live Online Homework Help
  • Online Tests and Scoring
  • Interactive Math Games
    • Mah-Jongg
    • Rock Slide
    • Crypto
    • Peg Solitaire
    • Color Wars
    • Falling Blocks
    • Four in a Row
    • Pixie Round-Up
    • Tangram Puzzles
  • Flexible, modular approach that adapts to individual needs and different school curriculums
  • Self-paced lessons and instant feedback that deepens understanding of the core concepts
  • Multiple choice questions
  • True-False questions
  • Fill-in-the-blank questions
  • Word problems
  • Online tests and grading
  • Show Me Step-By-Step Algebra
  • Geometry in Motion activities
  • Math glossary
  • Interactive unit conversion tool
  • Interactive reference tables
  • Drag-and-drop formulas
  • Live online homework help 
  • Careers that use math and science


Included FREE with StudyWorks Middle School Math Deluxe is Middle School Deluxe Science.  Everything needed to explore fascinating science concepts is all in one place. Spark middle school imaginations while learning!  Includes interactive activities, games, and lessons.

  • Biology
  • Earth Science
  • Astronomy
  • Oceans
  • Science Fiction Writing

Price: $21.95



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