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English CD-ROM For Children's learning

For English Speaking Children


Age: 10 and up

Language: English

Multimedia Periodic Table

Periodic Table:  Your Middle School Learning Resource Tool!

Packaging: Retail Jewel

Product Information:

Multimedia Periodic Table contains sound, video, and animation features brining the table of elements to life. Learn the properties and data relating to the chemical elements. Contains in-depth information, photographs, illustrations, video, audio and animation.

A solid education foundation in middle school is essential to high school and adult success.

Middle School can be challenging for many students. It is a critical time when students must master fundamental content and skills.

Contains tutorials and reference resources to enhance learning, ensure mastery, and build learning confidence.

Gives middle school students the tools they need to succeed! 

Product Features:

  • Sound, video and animation features bring the traditional Periodic Table of Elements to life!
  • A rich resource including history, principles, graphs, and tables all presented in an interactive, multimedia environment.
  • An invaluable supplement to the time spent in the classroom.

Price: $12.95



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