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English CD-ROM For Children's learning

For English Speaking Children


Age: 14 and up

Language: English

Princeton Body Works
A 3-D Journey Through the Human Anatomy!

Packaging: Retail Jewel

Product Information:

Provides reliable and easy-to-understand medical information for your health, reference, and educational needs. Bodyworks is the complete reference and educational tool for the human anatomy, loaded with information, educational activities and 3D models.  BodyWorks will help you find the anatomy answers you need whether you have a personal or academic interest in the human body. Every bone in your body and every organ and system are right at your fingertips with powerful search functions and educational activities that make learning a snap.  Rotating 3D models and video segments animate the body in living color for a truly interactive experience.

Product Features:

  • Interact with more than 80 screenable rotating multimedia 3D Models with dynamic zoom features to examine key structures from every angle
  • View more than 160 high-resolution images, videos and animations
  • Search any word or phrase within 1,500 topics and a 400,000 word glossary
  • Experience Dr. BodyWorks' video learning series with audio and animation
  • Hear and learn how correctly pronounce over 1,400 anatomic terms
  • Connect on-line to retrieve updated medical information and resources
  • Over 2000 anatomic and medical terms
  • Learn in-depth how the body works, then quiz yourself to test your knowledge
  • Plus, Internet Linked to do further research by accessing internet-based anatomy information with just a click

Examine the Human Anatomy
BodyWorks gives you in-depth information about health and the human body.  It covers the hair on your head to the nerves in your toes and every system in the body.

Explore to Your Heart's Content

Whether you're researching the body's systems in rotating 3D or experiencing the video classrooms, BodyWorks makes it easy to pinpoint the information you need and learn it thoroughly and quickly.
Search and Find
BodyWorks' comprehensive database lets you go immediately to the information you want.  Search by body system, organ, video clip, or key word.
Experience 3D Excitement
View more than 80 rotating 3D models and zoom in for a closer look.  High resolution graphics and breakthrough 3D animation illustrate in seconds what it would take hundreds of words to explain.
Go to Class
Attend Dr. BodyWorks' engaging multimedia lectures, complete with animated demonstrations.  Fifteen different presentations cover important topics such as the five senses, the skeletal system, reproduction and more.
Test Your Knowledge
Follow exciting multimedia lessons and test your understanding with quizzes designed to reinforce learning in key areas.  Includes a complete glossary that offers detailed explanations of systems, organs, and more.
The step-by-step approach to the Human Anatomy.  The #1 Selling Anatomy Title!

With over 750,000 sold, see for yourself why this is a success worldwide!

Price: $14.95



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