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English CD-ROM For Children's learning

For English Speaking Children

Age: 14 and up




Zane High School & College Reference Collection (CD-ROM)

This is a 7 CD-ROM Set

Packaging: Flat Pack in Plastic Sleeve

The CD Home High School & College Collection that educates, elevates and enlightens!

Give your children a head start in school and enrich your own knowledge!

These cover the highlights and include pictures, narration, and text with links to further information.

Educational software for the entire family!

  1. The Five Kingdoms of Life
  2. Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  3. Zane Publishing's Complete Multimedia Course for the SAT  Volume 1
  4. Zane Publishing's Complete Multimedia Course for the SAT Volume 2
  5. The Western Heritage Interactive Edition
  6. Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary with Collegiate Thesaurus and Encyclopedia
  7. 3D Atlas Version 2.0


Product Overview:

The Five Kingdoms of Life

Outlines the rationale for the five kingdom taxonomic system and the criteria for determining its divisions.

This program covers monerans, protists, fungi, animals, and plants in an exciting multimedia format that entertains while it teaches.

Study the life cycles, ecological connections, and ecological importance of each kingdom.

Includes an 85-minute multimedia presentation and 650 photos.


Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Robert Louis Stevenson's novella remains the indelible literary portrait of man's struggle with his divided nature -- a topic as current as today's headlines.

This comprehensive and interactive disc, written by educator Stephen B. Hauge, features more than 75 minutes of multimedia presentations, 100 interactive questions, many previously unpublished photographs and movie stills, and dozens of primary and secondary sources.

Zane Publishing's Complete Multimedia Course for the SAT (Vol 1&2)

This multimedia course for the SAT is a great way to get ready for the SAT college entrance exam. 

Effective preparation helps students do their best on standardized tests like the SAT.

The program interface is simple, so you can focus on building your test-taking skills. Take advantage of the explanations, tips, dictionary, and strategy notebook links that are available directly from the question window.

To use this course, you need a multimedia PC with a double-speed or faster CD-ROM drive, and speakers or headphones.


The Western Heritage Interactive Edition

Take a journey through history from the birth of Western civilization in the ancient Near East through the dawn of the New Europe of the twenty-first century.

Based on the best-selling text, The Western Heritage, Fifth Edition, by renowned scholars from Harvard and Yale Universities, this fascinating CD-ROM offers more than 120 minutes of multimedia presentations, 320 historical photos, 600 interactive study questions, and 120 interactive essay questions.

Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary w/ Thesaurus and Encyclopedia

America's most trusted reference tool.

Features over 214,000 definitions and 160,000 entries. To further enhance this reference tool, it also includes the Collegiate Thesaurus, with nearly 250,000 synonyms, antonyms, and idiomatic phrases, and the American Concise Encyclopedia, with more than 1,500 entries.

 A great tool for students!

3D Atlas Version 2.0

Ever wonder where things are located on the globe?  3D Atlas allows you to select cities, continents, countries, groups, map pins, mountains, ocean depths, rivers, seas & lakes, and volcanoes and by clicking on the selected name it will put it on the globe for you identifying the location.  Globe views can be seen with or without the grid.

You can view the globe in an environmental, physical, or political view.  The climate globe section provides information on biosphere, ocean currents, precipitation, temperature and range, and wind patterns.

Geographical globes include continental drift, Earth's crust, tectonic plates, Earth by night, and world clock.

Other information provided includes stories, globes, time lapses, pictures, and more!

Packaging: Flat Pack in Plastic Sleeve

Price: $19.95



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