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Chinese Children's Christian Products

Age: 4 - 8

Language: English

CD-ROM in Jewel Case

System Requirements:


  • Windows 95/98

  • 486DX/50 processor

  • 8 MB RAM

  • 6 MB hard disk space

  • 2x CD-ROM drive

  • sound card


  • 500/LCIII or better

  • PowerPC 6100

  • System 7.0

  • 4 MB RAM

  • 13" display w/256 colors

Children's Bible Stories (CD-ROM)

by Learning Company (Compton's NewMedia)

24 timeless stories teach children the Bible in a fun and inspirational way!

The Bible comes alive for children in this exciting, animated CD-ROM.  It's the first of its kind to provide children with engaging, easy-to-understand Bible stories.  Graphics, animations, and games keep children interested and inspired as they learn the lessons of the Bible.

Narration enables younger children to use the program, too!  A Parents Guide highlights the values found in each story and offers questions for discussion.  With delightful, interactive stories like "Noah's Ark" and "David and Goliath," children will love learning about the Bible!

Price: $13.95




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