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Chinese Children's Christian Products

Age:  2 - 5

192 Pages


6 1/4" X 7 3/8"

Print: English & Traditional Chinese




Toddler's Bilingual Bible - Heavenly Father Loves Me

新編幼兒聖經 天父愛我 (雙語)

Written for toddlers, this Toddler's Bilingual Bible includes exciting Bible stories, rewritten in a language children can understand. From the baby Moses ("A Basket Boat") to the baby Jesus ("The Most Special Baby"), from Noah ("The First Rainbow") to David and Goliath ("The Giant"), children are introduced to timeless stories and basic biblical concepts. Beautiful illustrations throughout. (Ages 2 to 5).


永恆的兒童聖經故事  中英對照  彩色插圖  是屬於小孩子自己的聖經  若親子同讀  則更增情趣

Price: $16.95

Qty. Traditional Chinese & English



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