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Cantonese Videos/DVDs For Children

One 319-Page Paperback Book


Two Audio Cassette Tapes

book size: 9.47" x 6.37"

Teach Yourself Cantonese (book & 2 audio tapes)

- A Complete Course For Beginners

Baker and Ho have created a practical course in Cantonese that is both fun and easy to work through. They explains everything clearly along the way and give plenty of opportunities to practice what has been learned. Includes 26 graded units of dialogues, culture notes, grammar, and exercises, a pronunciation guide, and brief introduction to Chinese script, and a Cantonese-English vocabulary.

This is a really rewarding course to study. The authors have done a wonderful job of conveying what devotees of Cantonese love most about the language - its vigor and its humor. The tapes are very good to work from, also the dialogues of the first two lessons are given in what might be called "classroom speed" and then as in the real world so that it's a gentle way for a beginner to get a "feel" for how Cantonese sounds without losing any self-confidence. There are lots of good exercises with each lesson. And the review lessons really do review.

This book is the best book we've seen for learning beginner Cantonese! It contains wide vocabulary and at the same time, does not overwhelm the reader. Exercises (and solutions) are provided to reinforce new learned concepts, grammar and vocabulary. Chinese characters are provided with the Cantonese Romanization and so the sounds between Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese can easily be compared. Best of all, the sample texts and conversations do attempt and succeed in capturing the wit of the Cantonese language. A great read! It uses a remarkably simple, yet effective method for teaching the tonal aspect of the language. This book & tapes are highly recommend to who wants to quickly learn the basics.

This is a complete course in spoken and written Cantonese. If you have never learned Cantonese before, or if your Cantonese needs brushing up, Teach Yourself Cantonese is for you.

This is a practical course that is both fun and easy to work through. It explains everything clearly along the way and gives you plenty of opportunities to practice what you have learned. The course structure means that you can work at your own pace, arranging your learning to suit your needs.

The course contains:

  • Twenty-six graded units of dialogues, culture notes, grammar, and exercises
  • A pronunciation guide
  • A brief introduction to Chinese script
  • A Cantonese-English vocabulary

By the end of the course you'll be able to cope with a whole range of situations and participate fully and confidently in life among Cantonese speaker in Hong Kong and elsewhere.


Price: $25.95




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