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 369 Pages

 5 1/2" X 8"

Print: Simplified Chinese, PinYin & English

Speaking Chinese

500 Daily Expressions


A handy collection of everyday phrases and expressions chosen for their frequency of use and often complex, difficult to understand meanings. Features sample sentences in English, Chinese, and pinyin, plus explanatory notes.

This book is the first volume in the "Practical Chinese Series".  It is composed of 504 daily-used phrases and idioms selecting from everyday Chinese life and basic Chinese reading materials.

Each expression is accompanied by an explicit Chinese and English explanation, a couple of illustrative example sentences, which are also written in Pinyin, and a everyday dialogue which uses the expression.

Those who have a vocabulary of 800 Chinese words will have no difficulty in reading this book and will find the phrases selected vivid, expressive, and always have a set and specific meaning which goes beyond the literal meaning.  In a sentence, this is a book that provide knowledge and fun.

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