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Published by

China Books & Periodicals

Author: Julie Mazel Sussman

4.25" X 7"

161 pages

Paper Back

I Can Read That (Book)

Julie Sussman has written the book that every veteran China traveler will wish that he or she had thought of writing-a 162-page-$9 best buy. In my view, Julie's book is not only one of the best for Chinese beginners, but is also one of the least expensive. I wouldn't be surprised if tour companies purchase this volume in bulk to help their clients get the most from a trip.


Her recently published book, I Can Read That!, is meant to be a code-breaker for Chinese characters. It's written for tourists, but it isn't a phrasebook.


Not only does I Can Read That! remove the mystery that Chinese characters hold for many foreigners, it offers pragmatic props for the traveler-such as how to recognize the characters for men's and women's restrooms.


Were you ever a tourist in China, or in Chinatown for that matter, and wondered what all those Chinese characters meant? Maybe you recognized one or two of the Chinese characters, but had no idea what they designated. Well, now you have an opportunity to learn many of those commonly used words and phrases. In this unique approach to learning characters, Ms. Sussman takes you through numbers, names, common words, money, directions, place names and more. Written in a simple style for non-specialists, I Can Read That! provides an easy introduction to Chinese for even the most linguistically impaired.

Price: $8.95




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