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Two VCDs & booklet

发行商 ﹕Shanghai Video Ltd.
影像: NTSC
语言: 国语/英文
字幕: 中文(简体)/英文
碟数: 2


Audio: English/Mandarin Chinese

Subtitle: English/Simplified Chinese

Booklet: print in English/Simplified Chinese/Yinyin

VCDs can be played on any DVD player.





Learn to Speak Chinese



Learn to speak Chinese!


In these few years, many foreigners come to China for business and traveling.  In order to understand Chinese for foreigners, Shanghai Listen Audio & Video Co, had completed a set of VCDs which teach in modern Chinese.

This set of VCDs show many kinds of situations in work and life where foreigners can communicate in correct Chinese.  These lessons teach in a lively and effective way.  VCDs can be played on any DVD player.

Sample Booklet Page


Price: $17.95




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