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Products Help People Learn Mandarin Chinese

For All Ages

English/Simplified Chinese

with Pinyin


Published by Lonely Planet

Author: Justin Rudelson

3.5" X 5"

312 Pages

Paper Back

Mandarin Phrasebook

With Two-Way Dictionary


  • Mandarin is the most widely spoken language in the world.
  • The standard form of Mandarin is based on the dialect of Mandarin spoken in Beijing. This is the form of Mandarin youll see and hear in the media and in official government communications.


Mandarin is written using picture-like characters, or logographs. Each character usually represents a syllable and most words are made up of two or three characters. Meaning and sound is carried to some extent or another by a character. The complete set of characters numbers in the tens of thousands (dictionaries can contain 50,000 characters) but the average newspaper reader will need to know around 3000 characters to get by. It takes 10 years of formal schooling to achieve full literacy in Mandarin.

In 1958 the Chinese officially adopted a system for writing Chinese using the Roman alphabet, known as Pinyin. The main reason for developing Pinyin was to facilitate the spread of the Beijing dialect of Mandarin as the national standard language. If you go to China today youll see Pinyin everywhere: on maps, roadsigns, shop signs and in brand names.


diacritic      tone
    1 high at the top of your vocal range
    2 high rising rises from the mid-low area of your range to the high area
  ˘  3 low falling-rising starts in the mid-low range and moves to the bottom before rising to the middle
  `  4 high-falling starts high and falls through your voice range


While traveling in China, you'll hear many people call out 'Hello', the only English they know. Get beyond the basics and let the world's most spoken language turn your trip into an experience. Whether sampling the night life and markets or trying out the range of exotic cuisine, you'll never 'lose face' by not knowing what to say.

  • extensive menu of delicious dishes & regional cuisines
  • terms for meeting people, getting around, accommodation, around town, interests, food, in the country, health, times, dates, festivals, numbers, emergencies, hiking, cycling, business & shopping, specific needs, ....
  • cultural tips explaining guanxi (social networks), restaurant etiquette & body language
  • printed in English, Simplifies Chinese and Pinyin (roman script)
  • easy guide to pronunciation with Pinyin
  • Mandarin is spoken in Taiwan, Singapore & Mainland China
  • two-way dictionary: English-Mandarin and Mandarin-English

    Hello.     你好。      nehăo

    Goodbye.      再见。     zijyn

    Yes.     是。     shr

    No.     不是。     boshr

    Im from New Zealand.
    wŏr tsong sīnsēeln li

    Don't just stand there, say something!
    bo yo jĕe jn zi nlee, shwōr shyair hw

    How can I explain this to my parents?
    āiyo wŏr zrme gĕrn fomŏo jyāodi


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