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Print in English & Traditional Chinese

with Pinyin

Language: Mandarin

Book and 3 audio cassettes

Published by

Wan-Reun Publications

6" X 8.25"

255 pages

Paper Back

Spoken Chinese: Instant Learning & Instant Use


(Book & 3 Audio Cassettes)

China is a nation of many ethnic groups. More than 50 diligent and brave ethnic groups live on this large and fertile land. They get along well and build the home land together. But because of the different dilates used, various and non-uniform development are made across ethnic groups.

The standard language for Chinese is the Pei-Ching based official language, called "mandarin". It is the common language used throughout China, Taiwan and even Hong Kong as communication tools.

Chinese language is one of the most developed languages. It is one of the six working languages used in The United Nations. Therefore, learning to speak Chinese official language "Mandarin" becomes more and more important in the world.

This book contains 23 chapters, and each chapter is composed of three sections: sentences, conversation and vocabulary. Each chapter has a theme and is designed to manage some specific situation. English sentences are printed right next to the corresponding Chinese sentences to help learning. PinYin (Official Chinese Roman Phonetics) are also printed to help pronunciation in Chinese with 4 tones.

The three audio cassette tapes, about 60 minutes each, record the pronunciation from native instructors (one male and one female) to cover all the Chinese words, sentences and conversations in the entire book.

The table of contents are: 1. Greeting Friends; 2. Introductions; 3. Asking the way; 4. Changing money; 5. Time and Date; 6. Asking About the Weather; 7. Asking About Location; 8. Making Requests; 9. Express Thanks; 10. Reservations; 11.Travel And Transportation; 12. Booking Plane Tickets; 13. Making Phone Calls; 14. Sending Telegrams; 15. Shopping; 16. Buying Food; 17. Going to The Restaurant; 18. At The Snack Bar; 19. A Stroll in The Park; 20. At The Seashore; 21. Visiting Friends; 22. Seeing a Doctor; 23. Seeing a Play.

Price: $39.95




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