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Paperback Book

Age: 9 - 99

Print: Simplified Chinese with Pinyin And English



Far East Everyday Chinese


Here’s a great way to learn or improve your Mandarin and Cantonese.

This Level One set includes texts in modern standard Chinese as well as a variety of exercises in phonetics, grammar, contextual meaning and usage.

This integrated approach allows you to improve your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills simultaneously. The lessons include:

“How Much,”



“Making Phone Calls and Appointments,”

“Where is it,”

“Looking for a Place to Live,”

“Renting a Place,”

“How Troublesome,”

“Making Friends,”


“What Shall We Eat,” and,

 “Dining at a Restaurant.”

Written in Traditional Chinese characters, Pinyin and English, the set offers Textbook, Audiocassettes, Character Guide Book, and Workbook.

Text Book, 274 Pages, 8.5'' x 11.125''

Student Workbook, 91 Pages, 8.5'' x 11.125''

Teacher's Manual, 94 Pages, 8.5'' x 11.125''

Price: $19.99 - Textbook I

Price: $8.40 - Student Workbook I

Price: $14.40 - Teacher's Manual I

Qty. Textbook I

Qty. Workbook I

Qty. Teacher's Manual I



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