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Paperback Books

Age: 7+

Volume A :  46 pages

Volume B : 34 pages

 8 1/4 " x 11 1/4"

Print: Traditional Chinese with Pinyin


Simplified Chinese with Pinyin



My First Chinese Reader Workbook I, II & III

快樂兒童華語練習冊 I, II & III

A supportive workbook for the "My First Chinese Reader" Textbook. This set of two workbooks is mainly designed for homework, but can also be used to provide some in-class exercises. Workbook A is designed mainly for writing characters while Workbook B employs word games and activities to reinforce each lesson. Choose from simplified characters and traditional characters.

Paperback, Traditional or Simplified Characters with pinyin, 8.25'' x 11.25'', 2 books

Price: $17.95 each set of A&B workbook

Qty. Volume I , Traditional Chinese

Qty. Volume I, Simplified Chinese

Qty. Volume II, Traditional Chinese

Qty. Volume II, Simplified Chinese

Qty. Volume III, Traditional Chinese

Qty. Volume III, Simplified Chinese



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