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Age: 2 -  8

Bilingual VHS or DVD


41 minutes


Play And Learn Chinese With Mei Mei - I

Finally, a video that entertains while teaching Mandarin Chinese to children! In a bilingual format, Mei Mei introduces basic topics such as numbers, parts of the body, actions, games, greetings, family, names and ages in lively, interactive environment. The video features children in action, singing and playing consistent with the Total Physical Response method, the most effective way of teaching a foreign language.

Singing along with favorite children's songs like "Pull the Carrot" will heighten your child's interest in learning Chinese. Children will want to watch the video over and over, and in the process will pick up Chinese naturally. Mei Mei draws on her years of experience teaching Chinese culture and language to direct this fun and educational video.

Through entertaining interaction with the teacher and her young students, your child will soon learn to pronounce Standard Chinese correctly.  All information is presented in a fun and entertaining way, with lots of emphasis on play and movement. 

The topics are: Numbers, Parts of the Body, Actions, Games, Greetings, Family, Names, Ages and Songs.  Very engaging! With a short guide for parents and teachers to help guide the child through the video or even learn along with them!

Price: $7.95 VHS

         $11.00 DVD

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