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Age: 2 - 7

Language: Mandarin and English

Print: Simplified Chinese and

Traditional Chinese

Phonetics: Pinyin

8.5" X 11"

32 page Book

46 minutes audio tape or CD

Sing'n Learn Chinese (Book/CD or Book/Audio Tape)


Introduces Mandarin Chinese the fun and natural way to children of all ages. With many familiar melodies, children will enjoy learning basic vocabulary and pronunciation through popular themes, such as greetings, numbers, family, animals, weather, colors and more with Penny and Tommy Panda. 22 songs will help children by providing an important headstart in learning another language and stimulating greater mental development.

  • How are You? (Ni Hao)
  • Ten Little Friends
  • This is the Way...
  • When We are Together (The More We Get Together)
  • If You are Happy
  • Working Bees (Mi Feng Gong Zuo)
  • London Big Bridge
  • Sing a Song and Dance (Hokey Pokey)
  • Head, Shoulders, Knees & Feet
  • Two Ears (Er Duo Liang Ge)
  • Little Sister had a Little Lamb
  • Where is My Friend? (Zhao Peng You)
  • Doll in the Garden (Hua Yuan Li De Yang Wa Wa)
  • What Color?
  • Old Mr. Wong had a Farm Field
  • Five Little Ducks
  • Two Tigers (Liang Zhi Lao Hu)
  • Frog Song (Qing Wa Ge)
  • There is Thunder
  • Rain, Rain, Go Away
  • Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
  • Good-Bye (Zai Jian)

Price: $7.95 for book and audio tape

Price: $10.95 for book and CD

Qty. book and audio tape

Qty. book and CD



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