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36 minutes





Speak And Sing Chinese With Mei Mei (CD)

This is our first audio CD. It contains 7 language lessons interspersed with 11 beautiful songs. Although my husband and I spent almost two years completing the CD, we know that it was well worth the effort. The Chinese often say: “Good things never come easy” and this project was certainly no exception. We had a lot of fun with it. My husband wrote the musical arrangements, performed all the musical parts, and did all the recording. My daughter also participated. We produced this audio with an eye (or ear) to engaging everyone in the family.

We are confident that it will be enjoyed by all. Throughout the arduous task of putting it together, we were motivated by a shared vision of family sing-along, game playing, and role-playing entertainment. We pictured productive travel time in the family car; a shared learning experience with frequent singing breaks to lighten the mood and pass the time in a pleasant way. This CD is also perfect for the purpose of preparing a performance. It is deliberately paced for learning with just the appropriate number of repetitions. I am sure that “Speak and Sing Chinese with Mei Mei” will prove to be a wonderful asset in the home, car, and classroom. Mei Mei

Speak and Sing with Mei Mei CD includes:

7 Lessons: Numbers, Parts of the Body, Action Words, Greetings, Family ,Names and Ages, Parent Talk

11 Songs: Little Ducks, Where Are My friends, Head, Shoulders, Knees and Feet, I Have a Head, Pull the Carrot, Telephone Song, Two Tigers, Hello Daddy and Mommy, Hongcai Sister, Drop the Handkerchief, Find a Friend

Booklet included with English, Pinyin and Chinese characters for all the lessons and songs.

Running time: 36 minutes. All ages

Price: $8.95



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