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DVD, 45 minutes

Age: 0 - 4+

Audio: English, Chinese, Spanish, French

Subtitle: Pinyin while Mandarin is said

Regions Free

Globe-Toddlers™ Adventures in Mexico! 


“This 4- languages DVD is so well scripted, has a lot of variety, super-cute kids and outfits, great cultural references, interesting images, fun music... basically, it's great.  Add to that the fantastic name and the great cover, and we think it is a winner.” 


Don’t miss this Globe-Toddler™ adventure, the second of a series of educational DVDs for toddlers and preschoolers.  Mexico is diverse and fascinating.  The country has sandy beaches, dense jungles, vast deserts, big cities, small towns, thriving farms, music, colorful arts, and exotic animals with eight legs, four legs, wings and fins.    Children and parents will be moved by the Mexican folklore rhythms and will laugh with the four playful puppets, Donkey, Monarch Butterfly, Turtle and Iguana.  The DVD contains a balanced mix of puppet and children scenes, animation, and live footage and still photos of real animals, fish, plants and landscapes of Mexico.

While watching the DVD, you will:

·        Witness a butterfly metamorphosis

·        Learn about instruments (e.g., violin, trumpet)

·        See a puppet soccer match

·        Find treasures with pirates

·        Make homemade guacamole

·        See a volcano erupt

·        Find out where chocolate comes from

·        Take a cowboy drive in the desert

·        Explore the shape of a pyramid

·        Discover hot chili peppers

·        And much more!

The DVD offers 115+ spoken and written words for children, and the bonus feature of the map of Mexico may be used when the child is eager and ready to talk about geography. 


What captures the attention of a child more than good music? Mexican folklore music is a wonderful source of entertainment for kids and adults alike.   Engaging instrumentation and lively performances of “La Raspa,” “La Cucaracha,” “Jarabe Tapatío ,” “La Bamba” and other famous Mexican masterpieces bring to life the scenes and culture of Mexico. In the song “El Chocolate,” a long-time favorite melody of Mexico, children will learn how chocolate comes from a cocoa tree. In fact, chocolate originated in Mexico! Through the music, children will begin to hear the different sounds of instruments and music styles. Learning can be fun and memorable, especially when

the lesson of counting to ten in Spanish is taught by a chorus of Spanish-speaking children.

Language Options:


Chinese (Mandarin with associated Pinyin for non-Chinese speakers)



Other Information:

·        115+ spoken and written words in English, Spanish, French, and Chinese (Mandarin with associated Pinyin for non-Chinese speakers)

·        Approximately 39 minutes long

·        Bonus feature: Map of Mexico (geography)

·        NTSC format (compatible on most PAL players worldwide)


Price: $10.95




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