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Chinese Children's Songs And Music

12 CDs

Mandarin Chinese

Age: 4 - 10




Chinese Story CDs



This 12 CD package is ideal for early childhood entertaining and learning. 

Many people use this product in day care schools, at homes or in their cars.  You will be amazed to see your toddlers quiet down and listen.

1. 醜小鴨2則故事 7. 兩頭蛇等4則
2. 可愛的小金魚3則 8. 糖果屋等2則
3. 勇敢的小烏龜4則 9. 金鵝等2則故事
4. 星星王子3則 10. 無敵鐵金剛1則
5. 螞蟻報恩4則 11. 旋風小飛俠1則
6. 拇指姑娘2則 12. 快樂王子2則


Total of 12 CDs

Price: $26.95




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