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Chinese Children's Read Along Story Products


Age: 4 -10

4 books and 4 CDs

Audio: Mandarin / English

Print: English and Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin

4 Paperback Books & 4 CDs

7 1/2" X 10 1/4"

16 colorful pages

Children's Bilingual Audible Books 5 - 8

中英雙語童話 (五~八)

- 4 books & 4 CDs

5. Little Red Hat 小紅帽

6. Wolf And 7 Little Lambs 狼與七隻小羊

7. Ugly Duckling 醜小鴨

8. Three Little Pigs 三隻小豬

A great way to teach children how to recognize Chinese characters, English words and read them! This read along bilingual book set is based on famous children's stories. The CD records the entire stories illustrated in the colorful books, word by word. The books are printed in a very clear and vivid way. Great reading and listening tools for children! They like you to play it over and over again!

Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin and English text are printed on the same page as the story is told. Vocabularies (Word Bank) through out the book are printed in English and Chinese (side-by-side in a table) at the beginning and the end of the book. Readers can review and learn these vocabularies over and over again while using this book.

Sample Inside Page

Price: $22.95



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