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Chinese Children's Science & Nature Books




  Age: 6 - 15

4 books

Book Print: Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin

8 3/4" X 11"

4 colorful 29-page hardcover books


Sample Page

First Encyclopedia, Basic Science

小牛津兒童基礎百科 - 基礎科學系列

1. Life Science

2. Biochemical Science

3. Earth And Universe

4. Physics Science

Book Print: Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin

Wow!  Amazing science books for Chinese children!  What a wonderful and easy way to teach children about the magic of biochemical, earth, universe, physics and maybe even much of the miracles filled in our daily life!

Keep the learning a never ending interesting process.  These knowledge become children's best power (sharpened saws) as they grow up.  Who may become the next scientist?   Who want o be a astronaut?  Who may be the next biggest inventor?


1. 生活科學

2. 生化數理

3. 宇宙地球
4. 物理科技







$25.95 for first two books

$25.95 for second two books

$45.95 for all four books

Qty. first two books

Qty. second two books

Qty. all four books



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