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Chinese Culture Products For English Speaking Children

English/Simplified Chinese

with Pinyin

Paperback Book

184 pages

5" X 8"

by Federal Publications

Chinese Personal Names (Book)


- The Art of Creating Them

by Ning Yegao & Ning Yun

The Chinese attach great importance to their names and the ways they address one another. Their personal names are often influenced by politics, religion, nationality, culture, social status and special interests. Personal names are symbols of the individuals and their links to life and fate. For these reasons, there are more styles of personal names in China than anywhere else in the world.

Now you can understand the requirements that the Chinese take into consideration when naming themselves, their children, and even dead relatives. Discover the taboos and rules regarding auspicious names and learn about famous names in Chinese history. This book brims with anecdotes, examples and advice and includes two appendices of family names (surname)

Good new reference on Chinese "Mingzi", personal names or given names. Includes the requirements the Chinese take into consideration is choosing names, rules and taboos, famous names, and much more. Recommended for teachers picking names for their students, parents seeking auspicious names, or even in choosing a name for yourself in Chinese!

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