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Chinese Culture Products For English Speaking Children

Age: 8 - 14

Print: English

8 3/4" X 11 1/4"

48 colorful pages


Made in China - Ideas and Inventions From Ancient China

By Suzanne Williams 1996   

The book explores ancient China's scientific discoveries and technology in this lively account of people, ideas, and social change, from 1,600 BC to these days.

The following Chinese discoveries are explained and illustrated:

  • Bronze
  • Shang and Zhou/Bells
  • Agriculture
  • Nomads and Farmers/Crossbow
  • Qin/Find at X'ian
  • Paper
  • Scientific Traditions/Two Great Men
  • Han Dynasty/Salt, Iron and Gas
  • Astronomy
  • Mandate From Heaven/Seismograph
  • Silk Road/Making Silk
  • Tang Dynasty/Printing
  • Monkey King/Changing Dynasties
  • Song Dynasty/Su Song's Clock
  • Counting in Chinese
  • Mongols/Compass
  • Qi
  • Chinese Medicine
  • Ming Dynasty/Making Porcelain
  • Zheng He/Builing Better Ships
  • Changes

Price: $19.95




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