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Chinese Children's Christian Products

Age:  8 - 12

428 Pages


7" X 8 5/8"

Print: English & Traditional Chinese


Gold & Honey Bible (Bilingual)

金言蜜語 聖經故事 (雙語)

Book Description
Filled with over 100 Bible stories, this book will captivate both you and your child with its delightful artwork and animated text.

Featuring over 100 delightfully illustrated Bible stories freshly retold in active and engaging language, The "Gold 'n' Honey Bible" is designed to plant God's living Word into the hearts of children. Illustrator Dennis Ochsner's unique style of artwork brings life, color, whimsy, meaning, and action into every page. Both children and parents will love this children's Bible which is fresh and fun and full of life.


This is a fantastic first Bible book for children. Gold and Honey presents over 100 of the best-known Bible stories ranging from the Creation to the foretelling of the Second Coming. The stories are balanced to give about 50% to the Old Testament and 50% to the New. Each story can be read to a child in a few minutes, and children should be able to read the text (with some help) in the first grade or so. Each story has large, colorful, and fun illustrations. The book contains a topical index and the end, and a presentation page is included at the beginning to make this a perfect gift. As a family, we have been extremely pleased with this book, and have gotten plenty of use out of it.

兒童中英聖經  特為八至十二歲小孩編寫  你和孩子都會被故事內容所深深吸引  而齊赴尋寶旅程  豐富採色畫面

Price: $35.95

Qty. Traditional Chinese & English



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