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Cantonese Videos/DVDs For Children


with Pinyin

Audio CD &

244 page paperback book

published by The Commercial Press

The Right Word in Cantonese (Book & CD)

by Kwan Choi Wah

This easy reference, pocket-sized dictionary provides all the information needed to get along in Cantonese. A quick reference to Cantonese, especially the words and expressions for everyday use in Hong Kong and Canton. Complete with English translations, Yale Romanizations and Chinese characters. Now audio CDs are available.

Includes 7500 terms; the first section contains words used in daily life and the second contains professional terminology. In Cantonese and English. Appendix corresponds to the exercises on the cassettes.

The lookup is English-Cantonese (meanings, characters then romanization). The author provides comparisons between various Romanizations, and diagrams of the tones in Cantonese. The included audio CD really comes in rescue in terms of the pronunciation of Cantonese.

The book is split into two sections, everyday vocabulary and specialized glosses with special reference to Hong Kong.

Price: $29.95




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