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Age: 4 - 9

Bilingual DVD


30 minutes

Let's Go To School With Mei Mei

In this video, Mei Mei takes us to school in China. Combining the authentic insight of a documentary with Mei Mei's trademark short lessons, this exciting video portrays the enthusiasm and artistry of teachers and children in a modern urban school.

Not only will you learn new words and phrases associated with education but you will experience the children's school day from beginning to end. In her teaching, Mei Mei orchestrates a full range of educational devices music, art, action, and words to make learning a joy for children of all ages.

Adults will also find this video a pleasure to watch. The program includes: Going to School, Breakfast, Morning Exercises, Morning Classes, Recess, Lunch, Naptime, Afternoon Classes, and Performance.

Price: $14.95




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